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MGB sills replaced at a cost of £1750 per side.

This includes full outer sill, baffle plate and castle section. Refinishing of the sill, front wing and rear 1/4 panel where necessary.

Further work i.e. floor pans, inner wings, A posts etc. will attract further costs.


Unleaded conversion of cylinder head includes new hardened exhaust valve seats made and fitted, all valves ground in, head decoked, painted and refitted to vehicle.                              Valve clearances set, and carburetters adjusted for smooth running.

Prices from £500 (includes parts).

5 Speed

5 speed conversions to any MG include a Ford type 9 gearbox, fully rebuilt and guaranteed, conversion kit and labour charge.

Drive your 4 speed in, leave it with me for about four days and drive a 5 speed out, includes all parts and fitting.

Price on application.

Engine Work

Engines removed from vehicle, stripped, machined and rebuilt.

New pistons and rings, bearings and shells, camshaft, followers and timing chain fittted.                                                             Cylinder head skimmed, decoked, polished and valves re-ground.

Engine refitted to the vehicle along with all ancillaries and adjusted for smooth running.

From £1850 (includes parts)


High quality materials are used, including acrylic 2 pack paint.

All fittings are removed to minimise masking and produce a professional edge free finish.

The new paintwork is hand flatted and polished to produce a clean and flat finish, allowing the shine to reside within the paintwork.

Costs for paintwork start at around £2000 (exterior of MG Midget, non metalic). Bare-metal from £3000.

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